Just posting to say a quick hello to everyone. I've been here a few days now, but never had a chance to post. I'm hoping to exchange some cool ideas with all of you. Drop me a line - say hi. I love making new friends.


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Welcome aboard ...

It's a great place to hang out. You'll find us a friendly lot (hopefully!) and we do all love to knit.


Welcome to the Zoo! I used to live in Houston: for a while in Spring Branch and then mostly in the Westheimer district on Branard in a horrible little apartment complex that, hopefully, has been torn down by now! I loved living in Houston. Great town. I was there during the oil boom of the 70's. Everything was wide open and people were raking in the money.

I used to play piano at the Inside/Outside Bar on Westheimer. I'm sure that's gone now. Is Mary's still open? Gad, if *that* place could talk . . .

Anyway, welcome to you. It's a great bunch of guys.
~Mike in Tampa
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Welcome! Another ex-Houstonian here. I found it a little warm to wear much in the way of knitted goods there. What sorts of things do you do?

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Greetings ODell,

Welcome to MWK...and a wonderful gathering spot on the web of talented and friendly guys.

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hello and welcome

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Welcome to you! Looking forward to seeing your posts/works here!

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It's always great to see a fellow Texan aboard. It's a great place to hang out and kick around ideas and problems. I guarantee you you will have several solutions to choose from.

Welcome again,


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Great place to hang out and get to know some other guys that knit. I agree with TomH you'll find us all friendly and ready to help with any and all questions and problems, even cheer you on when you get stuck or finish a project.
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