colinette jitterbug

hey guys!

i really dig some jitterbug colorways and the yarn is pretty yummy. they promise one hank (about 300 yards) will make a full pair if following their pattern correctly, but a) i have big feet and b) i don't want to use 3s. anyone done this? while i will happily pay $20 for a hank if it makes a full pair of socks (who knew that becoming a sock knitter would make $20 socks okay? someone hit me) I will NOT do $40.


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Well, as someone who has size 13's, I would say that 100g could probably make a pair fine, except that you'd have to have slightly shorter socks. The safest bet is to weigh out your yarn on a postal scale to divide the skein evenly into two smaller balls, then work a toe-up sock so that the foot is done first and start the ribbing relatively low so that you don't get to the top and find you don't have enough to do enough ribbing to hold the sock up.

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you also might try doing the toe and heel in a contrasting color or two to maximize what yarn you have. I would also second the toe-up sock. and if you run out on the leg, add the contrasting color again for the cuff/ribbing.

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Isn't this stuff fabulous. I just started on a pair of socks with the stuff. I hope Collinette keeps producing this stuff.

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I wear taller socks...because I wear boots....
so I always buy extra yarn. socks cost $40. or more!
( my kilt socks were $100. worth of yarn)
I can only justify it as Therapy!
I enjoy the knitting...not the handwashing...

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New yarn for me. I've never seen this yarn before. Looked it up on the Net -- stunning, stunning, stunning!

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well, my friend at the LYS said they told her it will make a pair up to U.K. size 7, but then she has a customer who followed the pattern and they came out too big even for her husband (she actually wound up fighting with Colinette and getting a free hank of yarn out of it.) I'll give the toe up thing a try and I love the contrasting toe/heel idea too (red, of course)! I'm all drooly over the Jewel colorway. Thanks a bunch!

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