A Spinning Wheel

The uinverse moves in strange ways.
I've been thinking about buying a spinning wheel, and I had my eyes on a castle wheel by Ashford. It is a cute model, and it seems versatile enough to meet my knitting needs. So, yesterday, I placed an order for that wheel.
Today, I saved that same (but an older and discontinued model) wheel from a neglected and uncertain fate. A co-worker brought in her wheel ~ all covered in cobwebs with dead bugs and bits of dried leaves. I gave her $75 for the wheel, brought it home, washed the muck off, oiled the moving parts (and other parts that were rusted), fixed the maidens and the flyer, grabbed some merino fleece and gave it go! The fleece spun beautifully into a fine and soft thread! The wheel works like a charm and there is nothing wrong with it except for issues caused by neglect. I am going to name this wheel "Orla", which means "golden woman".
Tomorrow, I am going to stop at the hardware store to get a can of Watco Danish Oil in the hope that it will help Orla since she is so dry.

8 March 2007


kylewilliam's picture

I want a spinning wheel (and I have yet to start spinning!) being presented with a gift such as this find might inspire me to start spinning!!





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So does that mean you are going to now have TWO wheels?!! What a wonderful thing! They don't like to live alone, you know.

If you want anything, just put your request out to the universe. When the time is right, it will come to you.

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Congratulations on the opportunity to give this wheel a new home and life! I've always wanted to learn to spin but I now would not want to sacrifice my knitting time for any other activity. LOL - we have a weekly housekeeper just so I won't waste any potential knitting time!

We live a few blocks from the Ashford craft store and I see all the nice spinning wheels in the window every day. Also, once a month I drive through Ashburton where the company is headquartered and check out their store. I don't like their knitting wools so I don't use them.

My knitting is totally tubular!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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I'm envious! I learned to spin on a 1960's "Danish Modern" Leclerc transverse wheel that could be broken down for travel. ie: all the pins/legs set with friction, and nothing was glued, although it could have been. It was simple, slightly jury-rigged, and I put 100's of hours on it all through college. Alas, I couldn't buy it from UW:River Falls. Now I have a Louet s90 which is a whopper huge travelling wheel. It works fine, but I prefer the double drive, and I find this wheel has little character. I wish you every happiness on your new companion: I'm glad it's gotten a good home.
Old wheels have personality and souls, as you surely know since you've already named her....

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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Thanks guys. I have a huge roving of Bourder Liecester/Kid Mohair blend that I am spinning on Orla right now. It is spinning like a charm. Unfortunately, I am only able to spin a few hours each day since I do have a sweater I need to finish for the upcoming Beltane festival with my Clan up north.

Grandcarriage ~ Single drives are OK, but like you I prefer the double drive. Double drive spinning wheels are more versatile, in my opinion, and there's a wider range of yarns you can spin off those. Plying, on the other hand, is a bit problematic for me on the double drive.

Kiwiknitter ~ I am envious that you live in New Zealand, with all that access to sheep, yarn and spinning wheels.
I would also suggest taking up a Spinning 101 class before buying a wheel. That way you have a good idea if you like it and what kind of wheel you would like to work with.

Tallguy ~ Yes, I will be getting TWO wheels! Orla is a single drive. The one I ordered is the same wheel as Orla, but a double drive. The model of both wheels is called a "Traveler", which is what Irish gypsies are called. I have a Great Grandmother who was a Traveler herself, so I think I am going to name the double-drive after her ~ Hanorah.

Kyle ~ Then put your request out to the universe, and then wait! You just may be pleasantly surprised!