Men Who Knit Upgrade


It is with great pleasure and a sigh of relief that I annouce that the software which powers Men Who Knit, Drupal, has been upgraded to its latest revision.

The only thing which is currently lacking from the previous site are the weblinks. That section of Drupal was completely rewritten and will take a bit of work to restore, but it should be done soon.

Some new features are the ability to syndicate parts of the site, such as your blog or message forums. We can also bring in content from other sites via RSS, so if you know of some good content available via this method, let me know!

There are also now personal contact forms in each of your user profiles. You can enable or disable the ability for other users to contact you via e-mail with this form. Search functionality has also been greatly improved.

I'm also working on adding a new and very much improved WYSIWYG editor called TinyMCE. I'm using this on a few of my other sites and it's waaaaay better than HTMLarea which is what we were using previously. I think you'll like it... It makes inserting inline images in to your blog entries a breeze which, I think, makes for prettier blog entries.

Those are the highlights of the new additions and known issues. If you have any issues or notice something I missed, don't hesitate to tell me. This site is for all of us!