Why do I have this insatiable desire to start a blog? How does it relate to my other insatiable desires?

Blogs. Everyone has one, it seems. I feel like I'm somehow missing out by not pouring out my thoughts to the wide, wide web. And yet, at the same time, there's that little feeling nagging away in the back of my head that wasting space and people's time is an act of hubris (well, I am a reserved Brit, you know; ok, I'm a Brit at least).

Since I'm mulling over why I have this insatiable desire to bother you all with my thoughts, naturally I turned to my other insatiable desire - knitting projects. One of the others, anyway.

Most every serious knitter I know has a bunch of projects on the go at once. Why is that? I begin to wonder if what constitutes a knitter's psyche (whatever it is that makes us creative) means we're intrinsically more interested in trying things, playing, learning and in seeing how well we can do something than in ploughing through the grunt work of finishing a project - and the end result may well be less interesting than the fun we had along the way. By having several projects running at once, we can "take a break" (that is, play with something more interesting).

I think that's probably true for me at least. I'd love to hear what other think about their own habit.

While we're here, I'll list what I'm working on. If anyone is making or has made any of these, do let me know - I love swapping stories/angst/frustration about a particular pattern.

  • "Norge 2000" zippered ski sweater (to be worn as an outer garment, like a fleece), in Dale of Norway's Falk. 85% done. For me.
  • Entrelac sweater, in Noro Silkgarden. 10% done. Given away as a charity auction prize.
  • "Rodeo", a densely-cabled sweater, from Rowan No 5 magazine (80s), in Rowan Denim. 15% done. For me.
  • Secret project for the most important person in my life. Stop looking in the cabinets, you won't find it. 30% done.
  • Alice Starmore's Fair Isle Gansey (from Book of Fair Isle Knitting), in Rowan Silkstones and Grainy Silks. Swatch done. For me.