yarn store in dc

I will be visiting dc in the near future for a conference and was wondering if any one knows of any male owned yarn stores or if not where there are any yarn stores that will have me buying an extra piece of luggage to fly home. I know going to the nations capital with all the museums and I am worried about yarn :)


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Hi Adam,

No male owned stores. :-( Used to be one, Wool Works I think, back in the 80's right near Dupont Circle. You may want to try Stitch DC at http://www.stitchdc.com/. It has three locations, so you'll never be too far away from a yarn purchase!

Jonathan in DC

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How sad it's closed. I fondly remember the Woolgather in Dupont Circle. I think the owner's name was Charles. He had a very nice shop. Does anyone know what happened to the store, or to Charles?

I also used to shop (even more!) at the Yarn Shop in College Park. That shop was owned by a woman named Shirley. She was very, very helpful to me and taught me a lot about knitting - course I spent a truck load of money at her shop. I still have many of the needles I bought from her shop. She's the one who taught me how to assemble and finish sweaters -- for which I'm extremely grateful. I know I'm dating myself but that was back during the years of 1982 - 1997. If the Yarn Shop is still open, I know Shirley would welcome male knitters.

Wow. That was a blast down memory lane for me!

- Tom