I Am Infected With A Terrible Sickness

Guy's I have some horrible news. I came here to talk about it because I didn't know where else to go. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I'm breaking down into a critically unstable mess and I can't control myself. I have knititis and it's got me by the balls (no pun intended lol) in a bad but good way. It seems all I can think about is knitting. All I want to do is knit or crochet something. I called out sick to work all weekend because all I wanted to do was stay home comfortably perched on the couch wearing nothing but my boxers surrounded by my needles and boxes of yarn and that is exactly what I did. Please don't be sad for me because I am getting lots of work done. I don't know what brought on this illness but I'm having so much fun right now with my yarn addiction. YAY!


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I think I have the same affliction. Does anyone know of a cure? Will I get better if I finish the sweater that is on my needles?

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it must be sweeping the country because I think I have it too

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just be careful; it can lead to spinning!

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I started to make a list of my works in progress this weekend - and kept finding "bags" of projects in the closet as I was trying to consolidate my yarn stash - I now have HUGE tubs full of yarn that has yet to be processed - I think we all have it - the kicker is that I literally go to sleep "planning" or knitting in my head - I asked my partner last night or the night before if he thought that there was a way for me to knit in my sleep... he said I'd probably drop stitches (haha)

knit on, fellow addicts!




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Though there is no known cure for knititis and its fast approaching epidemic level, the following treatment generally provides euphoric results.

Prescription: Indulge in the urge. Pick up a pair of sticks or hook, attach yarn or string, and stitch away. Repeat as needed.

Warning: Known side effects may result in a trip to an LYS.

In the event that the indications of knititis subside, and you decide to venture out, don't forget your TAP (take along project), as symptoms are known to reoccur without forewarning.

advice: indulge...enjoy...create...

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Read my posting on knitaholics and ask yourself the 12 (13) questions.....

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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OK, am I the only one who caught the "sitting around in nothing but my boxers" part? Semi-nude knitting anyone?


Eric, aka, Knitting Dragon

Eric, aka, Knitting Dragon