ONline shopping - benefit or curse?.

way too much stuff available too easily - I'm currently trying to resist

*the kilo cone of mohair silk blend that cost about 1/4 of what it would come to in individual skeins;

*the Icelandic book "Three cornered and long shawls";

*Addi Turbo's in several sizes; (I need them, I do, I do, I do!)

*a swift

I did give in and bu a reprint of Sarah Don's 'The Art of Shetland Lace'


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I'm going to have to weigh in firmly on the "benefit" side. Sure, I probably spend too much online. But when the closest yarn store is 150 miles away (and 300 miles away for a good one) online shopping is pretty much a necessity.

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Without the internet shopping, my credit card and the postal service, I would have a very lackluster knitting life. Our knitting shops here are crap; you wouldn't believe the awful selection of knitting wools considering how the world snaps up our fleece. And then the accessories and supplies are pitiful; I've met no knitter here who has even heard of Addi Turbos! I'm afraid to say that the state of knitting in Middle Earth is dismal at best.

Of course you need Addi Turbos in different sizes...!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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I'm not fond of Addi's: They click when I try to sneak knitting in church, and can be a little too slippery when knitting mohair. Security also looks at me crosswise when I try to take them on planes. I use Daisy's or Bryspun as much as possible. Daisy's are very innocent looking plastic in soft colors (recycled, I think) and Bryspun are nice because all but the thickest gauges have a bit of flex to them...and OREGON MADE! I get no grief taking them on planes....Thank DOG! I can't fly without knitting....

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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I know exactly what you mean... I am a extreme eBay addict! My poor wallet hates me sometimes lol.

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Funny stuff. I bought a bunch o stuff on e-bay, it arrived and I thought "EWWW". There were a couple of wool-mohair boucles that were maybe OK. So now I coupled one of the charcoal grey mini-boucle's with Alchemy 'Haiku' spacedyed laceweight mohair in a a deep purple-eggplant. The resulting scarf looks like it is from the Armani collection, and I want pounds more of this boucle. sigh....

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My 2cents, and I'm paying....