The Cash (mere)

Hey - i'm new to the crowd. Got a quick question for anyone who may know of a really quality worsted weight cashmere that isn't too insanely pricey? Anyone have any trusted brands or weights they want to share? Thanks.


Hi & welcome.
I think that you should take yourself to School Products (It is a yarn store) on 28th & Broadway. 1201 Broadway on the 3rd floor. They close early on Saturday & closed all day Sunday I think.
They have a lot of discounted cashmere & cashmere mix yarn. The woman that runs it is very friendly & helpful. I have bought several skeins of yarn there & needles.
Good luck.

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Do you have your heart set on 100% cashmere, Jared?
e-Bay is always worth a look. You can always find cashmere, but I would be hesitant to buy from anyone who doesn't offer a money back guarantee.

Also, you can often find cashmere sweaters at Goodwill and recycle the yarn. It most likely won't be worsted weight, but you can always double it up to knit it. You can also find recycled cashmere on e-Bay.

Or you can go with a blend, like baby alpaca and cashmere, which is also soft and luxurious, but at a more reasonable price. I LOVE alpaca. Check out on-line stores like or for good prices on cashmere blends.