I'm Now A Home Depot Whore

We got the keys to the house yesterday.... actually Jeff has them and hasn't given me a set yet. Come to think of it, he still has my credit card too. Maybe he's trying to tell me something......

Anyway going to pack the "sheep" this afternoonand herd them to thier new home.

I hope you all are doing well; I am.


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Congratulations, Chris!

I have to say, though, I'd avoid Home Depot if at all possible. Just as it is better to shop at a LYS rather than a large chain like Michael's, it is very much to your advantage to develop a relationship with the folks at local hardware stores. In my experience the employees of Home Depot have no idea what they are doing. I know next to nothing about home repair, and I still end up having to explain to them about simple jobs.

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Looks like a tidy little "fixer-upper"; it's the landscaping that will kill you though.

Congratulations. Remember - no home improvment project is complete without knitting breaks.

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Ah! How did I know that you haboured that rare, latent gene through which you could be able to reflect your innate obsession with 'understated severity'?

Magnificent. Austerity is *always* fashionable . . . Next the tonsure (or will it be the veil . . . ?)

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Congrats to you and Jeff! I always ask for Homo Depot gift cards for my birthday, Christmas, whatever, because they come in handy! We love the place.