Knitting Belt

I'm just finishing up my first stranded jumper and I've been thinking about trying the Shetland style knitting belt and long DPN's. I'm wondering if any members here have tried it in the past or use it and what the comments about it might be.


Hi Kiwi

How are you doing? I am from Yorkshire in England (though I now live in Spain) and there is a village there where everyone knitted socks for the army in WWI. The purpose of the knitting belt was to enable knitting to continue whilst moving around. It also meant that the work did not have to be put down. The belt took the strain from the arms and shoulders when knitting. The same effect can be obtained by knitting on circular needles, when a large project can be placed on your lap whilst working.
If you buy a knitting belt let me know how you manage with it.

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Thanks for your comments. What I'm really wondering is if any of our 871 members (there must be at least one!) has had any experience using a belt. I am wanting to try one but I hesitate to make the purchase without a bit of information from someone who has used one. Can anyone help?

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