Seaters From Camp - Book

"Sweaters From Camp - 38 Color-Patterend Designs from Meg Swanson's Knitting Campers", 2002.

As you know, Meg Swanson is the daughter of famous knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmermann who founded the Wisconsin Knitting Camp in 1974. This book showcases the winners of a contest offered to all former and current campers to design on all-over patterned garment in Shetland wool.

Here are my opinions of this book:

1. I liked the techniques chapter. Some of the items were new to me so I learned from reading it. It was the first time I was able to get my head around the mathmatical formula for increasing stitches evenly in a row. I found some interesting new cast-on techniques and the purl-when-you-can technique is very intriguing. The book was worth the money just for this reference chapter.

2. I definitely want to try knitting in Shetland wool very, very soon! The colours are beautiful and I like the idea of the steeks felting themselves without sewn reinforcements.

3. Thankfully, there were no chapters on the history of Shetland knitting or the basic how-to of knitting!

4. I was most gratified to see in print some of the seamless/circular techniques (such as armhole reductions with a steek) that I'd laid awake at night trying to suss out. I'm happy to know that I'm connected to the greater pool of knitting wisdom!

5. Men are actually featured in this book! Kevin Ames of San Francisco has his buttonhole techniqe given in the technique chapter. The vest he designed for his partner, Jeff, is included as one of the winners of the competition. Also, Michael Pearson's book is referenced and listed in the bibliography (has anyone read it?)

6. The winning garments are very, very beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I'm very intimidated by them! If this had been my first book of multi-coloured knitting, I think I might have given up before even beginning. I would like to try some of the patterns, but I'll need way more confidence than I now possess!

Although this isn't my favourite stranded knitting book, I'm very happy to have purchased it (because of the MWK members' recommendations). I will refer to the techniques section for a refresher and someday hope to actually knit something from it.


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I am so glad you liked the book. It is one of my favourites. I actually have two copies - one for Mexico and one for Canada. I am going to look for the Swedish book you reviewed.

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Hi Jesse, do try the Shetland wool. I buy mine direct from Jamieson & Smith in Lerwick, just phone them and you have it in a week, it's very good service.