one more try

I have attached a jacket that is lose to what I am looking for if any of you can tell me where to get the pattern that would be helpful. I have seen a jacket close to this that is a bit longer and does not have all the work around the edges. I have spent hours looking for o\it any help would be appreciated


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this type of cardigan looks VERY much like the "Avast" from (done by Jesse aka "yarnboy") - I am finishing it up for my partner - it's not that hard - a little cabling at the bottom, then the sides and back are all knit in one piece (takes a while) - when you get to the arm holes, you park that piece, knit the 2 arms, then join them to the piece, continuing to knit and do raglan decreases till it's time to do the collar - it's REALLY easy and beautiful!

take a look and see if you like it. Of course, if you didn't want to do the cable you could just do ribbing or something instead - let us know what you pick!



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As Kyle said, Avast is a somewhat similar pattern, though it has more of a collar, which I recall you don't want. Still, that would be an extremely simple modification to do - just don't knit as much. And as Kyle pointed out, you could very easily forgo the cabled band and just do ribbing or hem (I believe Avast already has a hem, actually). It would be so very easy for you to adapt. You could even take elements of the samus cardi and apply it to the basic avast shape, or vice versa.

The thought of taking a pattern and making it your own may seem a bit daunting, but you really can do this and make it into something that's entirely your own. It doesn't need to be fancy at all, and it will teach you much more about garment construction than blindly following a pattern ever will. Come on and jump on in!

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