No idea how I should call this entry. :-p

1. Kolenyas #9 & #10, 2. Kolenyas in progress (#9 & #10), 3. Kolenyas in progress (#9 & #10), 4. Kolenyas in progress (#9 & #10)

Started: 07th January 2007
Finished: These are WIPs! - Half way @ 20th March 2007
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, 100% Wool, colour #124 and #180
Needle: 3.5 mm INOX dpns
Pattern: Kolenya from Sheep and No City
Technique: Knitting two Kolenyas at once on one set of dpns using Kory Stamper's 2 Socks in 1 method from Knitty Fall 2006

To tell you the truth, I'm a bit overwhelmed right now and don't exactly know where to start blogging with all the knitting related stuff I have to tell you. So, I'm just stabbing my finger blindly at a point an pick that one as the starting point.

Let's kick off with the above....Can you still remember my extreme knitting phase? Well, I left the project to marinate in the UFO-box for so long...knitting two things at once takes quite a while and it tired me out. Apart from that I made the mistake - even with much care - of crossing the yarn that when I finished each side of the Kolenyas and was pulling them apart from each other...well, you know the scenario: The darn things wouldn't separate.

I ended up having to cut the stitch *inserts desperate scream here* and then fudge it together afterwards. And because of this experience, I'll be knitting the other side of each pair separately.

*Lesson learned*

1. Mini-Sock for Mini-Sock-Blocker, 2. Mini-Sock!, 3. Unknown Sock Yarn from Yarnissima, 4. Package from Yarnissima!

Yes, I have new sock yarns! I did a yarn swap with Yarnissima!. I got two 50g balls of the Meilenweit, the mysterious sock yarn (which, she told me, is a Regia), some of her Moo-cards and lastly the mini-sock blocker/key-chain. And so I couldn't resist knitting mini-socks right away. Maybe I should consider joining the Wee Tiny Sock Swap.

Yarn Cakes, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

1. Noro Kureyon #124, the other side of the Kolenya, 2. Noro Kureyon #180, the other side of the Kolenya, 3. Rowan Summer Tweed, 4. Unknown Yarn

So, the Kureyons are for the other side of the Kolenyas I was talking about before. The Rowan Summer Tweed will be turned into a Shedir in due time.

The last yarn cake is an interesting one. You see, I bought this ballwinder and swift and this yarn came with it...along with some other horrific stuff that I dutifully threw in the bin right away. I got about 5 hanks of this golden-hairy-yarn....enough to make a sweater. But I definitely won't be making myself any sweater that sheds golden hair any time soon. *urgh* So, I'm giving them to one of the gals from SnB. One ball's going to Shernoh though...although I'm not sure what the heck he's going to do with it. I don't really think that the yarn is very suitable for crocheting...but well, he can play around with it nevertheless. Who knows.

The latest Kolenyas, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

1. Kolenyas #13, 2. Kolenyas #12, 3. Kolenyas #9 & #10, 4. Kolenyas #11 (for Shernoh)

Apart from the double-knit Kolenyas, I have also finished three other pairs of Kolenyas. Click on the links above for information on each individual pair.

The big picture is a pair of Kolenyas I knit out of Noro's Silk Garden. It's the first pair I tried with Silk Garden and now I think I'm going to knit more Kolenyas with this yarn now. The yarn is sooooooooooo soft after the wash and it feels so good on the skin. The only notorious thing I can't stand with Silk Garden is the knots. Thank goodness I found only one knot in this skein. Right now I'm knitting another pair in Silk Garden. The yarn is light enough even for Summer - well, that's how I feel.

Okay, well that's all for now. I hope that I'll get a chance to blog again before I leave for Cologne next week. So, for expat bloggers up in the area: I'll be in Cologne from 04th until 14th April! If you guys want to meet up, you know how you can contact me!

Otherwise: Have a great weekend and if I don't blog: Happy Easter!

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