UFO's and WIP's

There is no exact line between a UFO and a WIP for me; indeed, to some extent the only UFO's I will admit to are ripples in the frogged pond.

Though I will admit that sometimes I have ripped out a project because I used up the yarn for that particular project on something else. whoops!

(Speaking of which - what did I do with that crochet afghan I started 8 years ago?)

I'm feeling good today because I picked up and knit on one project that has been sitting in my car as an "emergency knitting project" since August. If I whittle down the number of projects currently on the needle I can treat myself to an orgy of starting new projects.


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you're cracking me up - I hear you definately - I started another baby sweater this weekend instead of FINISHING one of my cardigans - I also want to start ANOTHER cardigan that I bought the yarn for last week - but I am making myself at least finish ONE of these WIP/UFO's!!! I can't even keep track of what I'm working on on paper! I need a spreadsheet!!! :) someone needs to develop a knitting program that records what you are starting, what you used, (yarn, etc.) where the pattern is from and how long you worked on it... I know there are books out there but it's definately something that would be interesting to log and see the history of how long it takes to make things...

I have also always wanted to figure out how many stitches are in a sweater - I am sure we could do so by counting the stitches per row, and rows per inch, etc. like a big word problem - haven't actually done it yet, but I remain curious




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I have a hard and fast rule: only one project at a time and absolutely no stash. Any knitting wool that is left over from a project is given to an elderly knitter friend who gladly accepts it and makes things for the poor. I think I know deep-down inside that if I allowed myself more than one WIP, all the WIP's would become the eternal UFO's!

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