Treatment for the Delirium Tremens Knittensis

I finished my jumper last week and then promptly ordered knitting wools from Jamieson & Smith for the next project. I thought for certain I could last without knitting until the parcel arrived, but was I ever wrong! I found some practice wool and began practicing different stranded techniques. Not too satisfying – I started to get the DT shakes, roaming around the house looking for something to knit. My naked knitting needles looks immodest and crying out for a garment to clothe them. I would lie awake at nights thinking of stranded patterns and that wonderful Shetland wool that was on its way to me. Then, I got up in the middle of the night and found an email from Jonathan (potterdc) who had sent me this link:

which is a downloadable 35 page booklet called “Stranded Color Knitting”. I purchased and downloaded it, read it through and found a pattern for a beanie. First thing the next morning I was at a LYS, purchasing knitting wool and beginning the project. Did I ever feel better! I knitted this over the weekend and enjoyed the project. I improved my colour work and learned heaps. It’s nowhere near excellent work but I’m pleased with my progress. Although it came as no surprise, I was somewhat amazed at the difference in my gauge/tension between single and double colour knitting.

I think I'm hooked on stranded knitting!

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That hat looks great, Jesse. I've started a pair of stranded colour socks to practice on before I start my Fair Isle jumper.

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Wow, great hat, Jesse!


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Impressive hat!

[I won't mention that having a stash and more then one project on the needles would have prevented the entire episode]

It's a terrible thing to have needles sitting around crying for a project to be cast on; with no wool to be found.

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Very cool! I am just now trying my hand at this technique with the Fake Isle Hat from Knitting Pattern Central. Boy is my tension f'd up!!!


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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

I got the e-books and ready for my new adventures!

Thank You!