More socks!

Latest off the needles is a pair of socks in merino/cashmere/nylon hand-dyed in an almost solid amethyst. I'm sorry that I didn't knit a design in this yarn.


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Beautiful colour!! Did you dye the wool?
Do you like the band of ribbing at the top instead of ribbing down to the heel? I've wondered if the former stays up as well as the latter.

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That little band of ribbing works very well to hold up your socks; you certainly don't need to do it all the way down to the heel. However, you should take a good look at your leg-- you may find that you need to do some shaping in the leg of the sock that matches the shaping of your leg. If there is any looseness above the ankle, it will want to sag there, and the tightness higher up will push it down, and you have socks that won't stay up. With proper shaping, the sock hugs the leg all the way up, and it will stay up very easily. Another reason to have hand-made (custom fitted) socks!