OT: what is it about those cherry blossoms?

This morning, bright and early, I drove the Best Beloved down to the surgeon's office where he got his plaster cast removed (tra la!) and a removable pneumatic cast put on. His right leg now looks like something out of Star Wars. Since we were in downtown DC, we celebrated this by driving down to see the cherry blossoms.

Now, I am not really all that romantic, but as we turned towards the Tidal Basin, the blue sky reflecting in the water which is rimmed as far as the eye can see by the flowering cherry trees, my eyes just brimmed. So amazing. Clear blue water, cloudless blue sky, pink blossoms. It's really quite something. Almost like a dream world.

My best to all of you!

Jonathan in DC

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OMG!! Cherry blossoms!! That's just cruel---

This morning, when I looked out the window... the whole world was covered in all this white stuff! Again! AAARRGH!

sounds lovely - thanks for the update

ahh and now I see the pic as well. Very nice.