How I spent my Easter break. . .

We won't go into the fact that Political Correctness had me working friday (Heck! I used to work for a Jewish guy that always gave us Good Friday off) and then for some bizarre reason gave us monday off instead though most of our clients were off friday and open monday. But since the parish priest decided "it wasn't worth it" to have evening services I missed out on Good Friday services - which I *do* miss.

My folks were out for Easter - which is nice considering they are both getting up there (87 (next month) for Mom and 90 for Dad) and we had phone calls from various sibs and nieces and nephews - Gave an Easter basket to my two great-nieces on Sunday; and for a change, the singing at church was good. The current priest was a lawyer before she was ordained - and there are a lot of things I *don't* like about her as a priest - but she can really do an incredible descant - and the Easter hymns hgave her plenty of oppurtunity.

Finished my KYOAMPI that I started last january - still have to block it, but managed to get a "before" picture - hopefully will have an "after" picture by the end of the week and can post both. KYOAMPI was "Khoose your own adventure mystery Pi" - and each of the 4 clues each week had a garden based theme. You could select one theme and knit it, or mix and match, or mix current and old clues. I think we figured that the one set of instructions allowed something like 1024 "basic" variations and 20,000 plus other variations, not counting differences in yarn and needle size. phew! This will be going to a cousin's daughter who got married last summer.

Got a few more roes rows done on Rose of England - with 1200 stitches in a round it does take a while. I'm on row 134 of 152.

Did 8 rows on my Queen Anne's Lace. If I've figured the pattern correctly I'm on row 113 of 150; plus there will be a narrow edge.

And Cast on for the Galveston Shawl that I signed up in a KAL for recently - finished 35 rows on that. gotta love starting centers. This is being done on 10.5 needles with a worsted weight yarn I inherited from gramma-in-law's stash

Added one to the "need baby blankets" list; I can't seem to whittle that list down below 4 for more then a couple of weeks at the most.

And tentatively added a shawl to the "wedding gift" list; though nothing is official there yet.

Free'd up some needles as I moved both ROE and QAL to 60 inch needles; and dug some yarns out of stash to start some clerical stoles for my nephew's ordination; have to start two of those as his bishop hasn't decided what colour stole they will be wearing (it will be either white or red) and it is scheduled (at the moment) for June 30th. The red will have a flame pattern, the white a lily of the valley; the plan is eventually make him one of each of the clolours he will need as a priest (white, red, green, purple, blue, rose, black) Basically just scarves, but will proably back them with a fabric.

Didn't get any yard work done - since we had a cold white Easter. But bought a bunch of potted bulbs and put them in a basket on the hearth; they will get plugged into the garden once the ground thaws and hopefully come back next year. Our pair of ducks (Mallards) returned to our farm pond over the weekend - they don't next on our pond - but both the male and female "visit' frequently while they nest elsewhere...I guess our tadpoles and minnows are tastier then wherever it is they do nest.

And I found time to take a nap Easter afternoon - pure luxery.


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Wow! Makes my head spin. I'm inspired! Great work, Mario.