Hello - anybody ...

Seems like days since anyone has posted anything. Am feeling withdrawal. But my needles are still clicking away.


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I know what you mean - tho' it's only been a little over 26 hours according to the "recent posts" page.

I haven't posted because everything is pretty much in the "middle" of projects - and lace shawls knit in the round don't look like much of anything at that stage :)

If I get off my duff and block my KYOAMPI shawl tonite I may have some pictures to post soon

- other then that I'm about 100 rows into a 'Desert Sun' from goddessKnits;

on row 115 of my own 'Queen Anne's Lace';

almost done clue #2 of the 'Galveston Shawl' from a KAL;

4 inches into a clerical stole for my nephew (hey! I can take a picture of that tonite);

Rose of England still has 19 rows to go,

the Bayerische kilt hose are on the back burner because my eyes just haven't been up to the insane gauge;

and the Celtic Braid scarf and the Shell and Cowrie scarf are just waiting for me to feel like knitting on them.

As soon as I finish *something* Ill be casting on for another of my own designs - 'Spanish Armada' -( asquare shawl knit in the round) and next on the list (unless I change my mind) will be 'Vakandis' - a circular shawl I hope will evoke a 'Sun in Glory'

Somewhere in there I need to finish writing up the Fibonacci Eyelet pattern and the Queen Anne's Lace pattern.

And I've got an open mike saturday and a ren-faire gig the first weekend in may; so have to brush up on some lyrics and learn some "new" ones; which reminds me - better replenish the CD stock for the faire...since I'm working it for sales and tips.

In other words - it's the same old same old.

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While I'm still reading the site and keeping up with things, this is the busiest time of year for a college teacher. While I'm still excited to see what other people are doing, I can't afford the time to be posting as much as I'd like. ;_;

I have a project going that I'm excited about how it is turning out, but it is still a *long* way from finished. I want to keep it something of a secret until it is done, which I'm guessing will be in 3 weeks or so.

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I've been keeping up with the posts........but my first grandaughter's expected arrival in May happened on March 21! Seven weeks early but doing very well and has already gone home. My fingers have been busy with preemie hats and tinier projects than originally planned. The other projects that were being worked on for a bit bigger baby are on the back burner for a few months now! I must say.........this is fun....yesterday I got to hold her for the first time and even had the priviledge of giving her a bottle! It's these small pleasures in life that keep it thrilling!

Knit on....