top down cardigan pattern?

Do any of my guys have a pattern for a top down raglan sleeve cardigan? I have received hints that I should try that for my next attempt - so that it can be tried on as it's being worked - any help is always appreciated!

Things are busy and I'm in major knitting mode right now - I can't hardly wait for work to end so I can get home and get to stitching!

Thanks for pattern suggestions guys!



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I'd be interested too....all the patterns I know are more suited for women or the more petite of the male population, which in no way describes me.

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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I have no personal experience with these patterns, but a bit of searching turned up...

Knitting Pure and Simple has a purchasable pattern that looks decent, if a little bland.

Knitting Fiend has a form to generate a pattern, and links to ideas on modifications.

At any rate, good luck.

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I saw those two before - thanks for trying - I wanted something a little more "hip" - If noone has other ideas, I'll probably use a pattern genarator to create one of my own - I looked into the online generator that Celowin suggested - but it says it's not "bug free" yet - so I don't want to risk it ...

I think my sweetie wants me to make him a hoodie - which I do have a pattern for :) now I just need to find yarn!!!



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really interesting you should pose this question, as i have been researching to do a top down raglan pullover. i have found a great resource, although i have not yet tried any of the techniques in the book, so i cannot vouch for what the finished product will be like....but check out "knitting from the top" by barbara g. walker. there are a couple of versions of a raglan cardigan in there as well.


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You might try:

They have a free pattern for a top-down raglan cardigan and pullover. I've started working on the pullover. I have the collar and most of the yoke done - so far it's looking good. The pattern is based on measurements of the actual person that you're knitting for. You calculate how many stitches based on measurements and the gauge that you get with the yarn. I believe I've seen this pattern mentioned on this site before. Maybe someone who's actually completed it can comment?

Good luck!

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you can get a free pattern for a lace-type top down cardigan that i made my mother on its under free patterns pretty far down the page. it is fast, fabulous and holds a knitters interest. horsehshoe lace pattern. hope this gave another option for you...:)

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Ann Norling has a good pattern...available in most yarn shops...'s cardigan or pullover...and has multiple gauge instructions...
I've knitted a cardigan for me...(large) and two for my grandson.