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I was sitting in the ER today (a by-product of an overly combative student with more ambition than aim) and ran out of books. I could not find a wireless connection otherwise I would have geeked out and posted a pic of me actually knitting in said ER, so I started knitting. I like having a sock "to go" as it were. When I was called to the room I was able to toss the project down mid row, pick it up in the examining room and then toss it down again upon the doctors arrival.

I like my multi needle knitting in the round for this reason. I have seen sweetie’s sister throw a double round knit behind a couch with a fair amount of force only to pick it back up and start knitting without missing a beat. It was impressive to me at the time (I was not a knitter at that point) and now that I have set needle to yarn even more so. I was called to the examining room and was able to toss down my sock only to pick it up again for another "broken" row waiting for my doctor to show up. As I look at it now (on the futon) it has two needles in the middle of the second needle; not that the preceding makes any sense to anybody who has not knit, but I think you all know of which I speak. I can pick it up and go on with the pattern no problems, the only problem I can foresee is when I wind up doing decreases but by then I hope I can "read" the stitches and tell where I am in regards to the pattern. Of course I don’t really plan on being in the ER that much anymore.

I also got a nice compliment from a young man (10ish) and his mother. The young man recognized my project as a sock, and the mother complimented my stitches. So, while the doctor told me to take a day off, the day was not wasted; I was in and out in 2 hours and put some rows into my socks, as well as found out I was fine.

Knit Well,

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Alas! When did education become so dangerous? I'm glad to know all is well.
I love to bring my knitting with me everywhere and pull it out whenever I have the opportunity. I just can't do it while waiting for the bus (I become so engrossed in the knitting that I miss the bus) but otherwise my knitting goes wherever I go. I use a row counter and sometimes a wee pad of paper to help me to keep track of decreases/increases/etc and find this helps heaps.

I was always warned against leaving-off knitting in mid-row but thanks to advice last year on MWK, I tried it and can't see any appreciable distortion or problems caused by it. Like you, I pick it up and put it down no matter where I'm at in the row.

Compliments are always nice, especially when the person can recognise the project for what it is.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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There should be no fear about putting down your kntting at any time. You should be able to "read" your knitting to know what to do next, or to find out where you are. Of course, you ALWAYS use stitch markers to mark the beginning of a round (I like doing things in the round) and I use markers for any point where patterns end or where they change or any other reason to bring something to my attention. Also, use lifelines often. Taking all these precautions, there should be no problem whatsoever when you have to put your knitting down and then pick it up later. Using circular needles is a big help too.