Procion dyes

I was recently given a kilo cone of laceweight cotton in purest white. It's screaming out to be dyed, so I bought some Procion MX colours and plan to use two methods: immersion for one solid colour, and painting directly onto the skeins to get some variegation.
Now, can anyone tell me how I go about both of these? I've downloaded info off the net, but each website gives a different approach vis-a-vis adding (or not) soda ash, urea, etc and when to do so.
If anyone has had any personal success with these dyes, HELP! (please)


Bill's picture need the soda ash.

for immersion, add it later...for painting...soak the yarn first in the soda ash...then you can paint.

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Thanks, Bill.

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Our guild just had a dyeing workshop last Saturday using Procion MX and cotton fiber. The cotton soaked first in the soda ash water before handpainting or using the immersion method. For the immersion method, the dye was heated up well in a large pot and the fiber was immersed and left to absorb the dye for several minutes; then rinsed well under running water until the water ran clear.

For the handpainted fiber, it was wrapped tightly in a plastic food wrap (like Saran wrap) for the length of the skein (being careful that the two sides of the skein did not touch or the colors would run together and mess up what you expect to get; then roll up the wrapped fiber and either let dry like that (you can leave it in the sun), or you can put it in a steamer for several minutes for the dye to set). After you do that, unwrap it and hang the skein to air dry. If you have other questions, or my explanation was as clear as mud, let me know.


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Thanks, Doug.
Can you give me any info on measurements (dye/water)? As you can probably tell, I'm really scared about messing things up!