Sherman Short Row Sock

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I recently sat down and learned this short row technique for a toe up sock and it's pretty slick. I showed some folks at GLBT-Knit Camp last weekend in Vermont and they asked me to put together a tutorial, so I've done just that.


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Hi Mel,

Thanks so much for doing this! I've been hearing about the short row sock and wondering about it - I'm looking forward to reading through your directions and figuring it out.

Has it warmed up in Maine, yet?

Jonathan in cloudy DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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It tried to warm up last weekend - I even wore shorts for the first time this year. This weekend, though, it's cold and rainy. Standard spring fare.

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Wow. A GLBT weekend? How did that come about?


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We had been talking about having knit camp on the glbt-knit listserv for quite a while, so some folks finally organized something and those who were able to make it had a great time. We had around 16 people in Bennington, VT, for the weekend, including one woman who trekked it all the way from India (She & wife #1 work with a Tibetan lama who's traveling & teaching here for the summer). We also had a drive-by visit from a member who lives/works in Hong Kong & was in the States to move her partner into her house in upstate NY. It was a fantastic weekend, about as fun and relaxing as could be.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha