Good Value Yarn Source For Aussie Knitters

I know most everyone here is in the Northern Hemisphere, but for those of us in climes further south there is a good value yarn source here in Oz. Bendigo Woolen Mills have been around for a long time but just recently they've added a website that shows the range and has online ordering.

It's factory direct and they only stock natural fibres. Most of the yarns are around AUS$10.70 (about US$9.70) for big 200g balls, up to AUS$15.00 for alpaca. The colour range is pretty good, not brilliant, but there are some nice shades. They do send overseas too.

No affiliation, I just think the yarns are good value. I've used them in the past and the quality was good.


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At last! They've got a website.

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I know! It's quite nicely set out too.

I ordered shade cards from them my mail though, only because I don't trust the colour accuracy of computer monitors. Still, once I've confirmed the colours I want I'll definately be ordering more stuff from them.

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I'm doomed. those prices are great and the colours are good. must resist. . . must . . .resist

on the other hand, I *deserve* some yummy yarn!

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Living in Spain I have to buy all my stuff over the internet and this site is way, way cheaper for Alpaca than any other site I've come across. I, too, have sent for the shade cards.

Thanks for the tip.

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I can't find any mention of shade cards...

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I notice that they don't actually mention them on this new website, but they will send you a set if you email them.

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Glad you guys found it a usefull link, and my apologies if any of you were on a yarn diet. :)

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I got my order from Bendigo Mills...
The alpaca yarn is beautiful and soft. the colours I got...
...and the shade cards mean I've got to order more!!!

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I called into the shop in Bendigo about a month ago while on holidays. The girl behind the counter could not been ruder. There was no welcoming smile or greeting of any kind. In fact our presence was ignored and seemed to be an intrusion. Wasn't because I am male, she was equally as rude to the female customers. My partner and I were both wearing hand knitted garments and thought this might have brought about some conversation as it had done so at another well known Bedigo establishment

I have used their yarns for many years but after this I will never use their yarns again.