Down To The Finish!

Hey Guys,

Yes, still alive.

I have a question. I'm finishing up "Half Dome" off of Knitty and I'm seaming it up with a mattress stitch. My question is, when I come to the rolled edge do I reverse to the wrong side? That sounds logical.

It may sound stupid but I've never seamed a rolled edge before.

May that big Lone Star shine on you from afar....



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yes...reverse for the turn-up/roll.

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that's a good question and I didn't think about that either - I'm doing that same hat right now - a secondary question would be is there a way to make up a hat like this so there's no selvedge edge on the inside of the seamed part of the hat?

I started this hat out of my quiviuk yarn (hooray) and I stopped before the decreases - I'm doing a second one now (kind of as practice) to make sure that I understand the pattern, etc. clearly - it seems to be turning out pretty well so far! :) make sure you take a picture of the hat for us, Chris - we wanna see how it fits! :)



It might be a little late now, and of course there's always next time...but if you follow the links to his website, there is a pattern for doing this in the round on yet another website. And then again maybe ya'll just prefer to knit flat. But still, its there. I did mine that way because I hate seams because mine always turn out bulky...the one I ever did anyway. I am new to knitting and don't like sewing. I like the project to be finished when I am finished knitting. A sweater is in my future though!


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Why would you be doing the hats in the flat anyway??? I don't get it.

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if you read's blog you'll see his reasoning for making it "flat" - basically it has to do with his not wanting to do things in the round and always "knitting" - it's boring for some..

for me, I loved doing this "flat" so that I didn't have to fool with double pointed needles :) - although, now that I am hearing so much about the magic loop, I'm wondering if you can make a hat doing this technique..




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You could definitely knit the Half Dome hat using magic loop.

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Because that's how the pattern is written, dearest. You and are of a mind on this one. We'd just adapt it to circular and to hell with seaming.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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Am in the middle of the same problem with the same pattern. This hat should be knit on circular needles -- but now that I'm here -- ready to seam it up -- what IS a reverse mattress stitch? Just picking it all up from the other side? * Duh! That would make sense! Ha!

Seriously, is that right?

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Am going to get the yarn and try the hat again, on circular needles.

Am too blind (even with the "granny glasses") to pick up the stitches for the mattress stitch...

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Good to see you here, Chris...
we've missed you!

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That one has one picture about the mattress stitch on the other side.

Chris, I saw your blog and wish I had any type of craftmanship like y'all did to do the arched thing over your fireplace.