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I've been so busy, I haven't logged in forever. I apologize to all you guys. Winter is just killer for me at work. I'm still knitting though. I am doing socks this year. I've finished about 5 pair so far. I have learned the joys of doing toe up with the magic cast on for magic loop. Its wonderful. I also do garter heels and all the girls at the store think that its silly, but I like them better. They are easier to do in short row I think. Anyway, I keep knitting away when I can. Hey, I was wondering, can you or can you not take knitting on planes. People tell me that you can, but then I see sites on the airways site that say they get confiscataed etc... What is the general rule nowadays on knitting on planes? I have a trip to Hawaii in about 6 weeks and I could probably get several socks done while in the air. Let me know. Anyway, its good to be back.



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For most domestic flights you should be okay - but it's "at the discretion of the screener" so if they are having a bad day....you never know.

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From my understanding, knitting is allowed on planes, but you have to be careful. Even then, you might run into a jerk security guard who wants to throw his or her weight around. The general rules to follow: 1. Use wooden or plastic needles, and don't try to take metal ones on the plane. Technically metal needles are supposed to be allowed, but it is safer to go with the others. 2. Don't carry cutting implements for your yarn. While you are supposed to be able to carry blunt or short scissors with you, again it is best to be on the safe side. (If you absolutely have to have a way to cut yarn with you, bringing a dental floss case has been suggested.)

If you are still worried about getting into an argument with security, print out the Prohibited and Permitted Items Guide and bring it with you.

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I travel with knitting all the time...(even knit in the airport)...but have had NO trouble.
My knitting is in a small bag inside my carryon... they never comment...
I use bamboo DP's and circulars.


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I usually knit with turbo circulars, but I thought I would either see about plastic circulars or bamboo to fly with. These are all great suggestions. hopefully I won't have any trouble at all. Thanks


I fly all the time with my knitting and have had no problems. One precaution to consider is to take a crochet hook so you can pull yarn through your stitches and trash the needles if needed or bring a large self addressed stamped envelope so you can mail your work home rather than lose it.

Have a blast in Hawaii!!!


Up to April I had no trouble bringing my knitting on board, and as a precaution always had wooden or plastic needles with me. Then in July I was told NO GO - both by American Airlines and United. They said that the needles might be dangerous... I could have done with a good knitting session on one of my flights - it was delayed two hours, and this happened AFTER check in!!!