pair or socks

Margaret at Gourmet Yarn Co, my LYS, took this picture of me with my last pair of socks. Don't look at my stomach. I look pregnant! Anyway, I love the socks. I think they were made out of Shaefer Yarn, color Lola I believe. Anyway, they are my best pair yet. I learned how to do the tubular bind off and it defnitely works the best.


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I'm still scard of socks - although a friend just showed me the magic loop method and she's excited about the first sock she finished - they're a LOT of work - I just have not been bitten quite yet by that bug! - give it time... (of course, I DO have sock yarn accumulating in my stash!)



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Everytime I go into the LYS I buy yarn for 2-3 pairs of socks. I'm just a sucker for yarn. I think I have enough yarn to knit socks for just about everyone on the planet. I'm hooked on em though. Give it a try. Magic loop is wonderful, and toe up is definitely the way to go.