Ravlery - awesome - get in line

I don't know if I should be posting about this, but on the podcast from www.stashandburn.com, they talked about www.ravelry.com - which is an awesome online program/community that will (when it's launched) allow us to track WIP's, and FO's, our stashes, keep track of needles, books, find patterns, and others who are knitting the same pattern (maybe same type of project) - I haven't been given access to it quite yet - you have to sign up with your email and blog address - but I'm very excited to see what it's all about. check it out and get in line if you wanna be part of it from the start :)


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I just signed up for the waiting list; always nice to have a place in reserve.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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It looks like fun, but I'd feel bad signing up right now. Since it is in beta, I think spots should go to more experienced knitters than myself. Keep us informed, though, and when it goes live I'll be there for sure.

This seems like a very cool idea. I'm glad someone thought enough and has the talent to do it. There are so many convoluted knitting sites out there now that structure like this would be nice. If only a small portion of users from those other sites sign up for this one, then I'd be afraid to see their hosting costs. heh
I'll be signing up when it goes live. Thanks for posting about it Kyle!

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If only a small portion of users from those other sites sign up for this one, then the site will be able to command higher advertising rates from its customers! I hope it's successful (it sounds like something that I have wanted forever!) - I just hope you can print sheets for each project when it's done (showing all your information about the project, a photo, and notes about the piece)

we'll see - I'm hoping I can get on the beta version and check it out!




Ok good point about the advertisers. Goes to show how little I think about advertising on the web.

And I like the idea about printing project sheets alot. They'd be good not only for a progress history of sorts for your own knitting but also as a standard for sharing original patterns depending on how it's done.

The more I think about it, the more I can see this revolutionizing the online knitting world if it's done right.

Did I read right that they're wanting to open it up to the public this month sometime?