My sweater site is back online

Well after a few days of work I have my site back online. I moved it to a new server and because the site contains 2GB of images it took a while to move them back up to the new site.

I have a pretty extensive gallery of mens sweaters with over 10,000 pictures. So I think it's a pretty good site for reference if you want to get some ideas for new sweaters to knit.



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what an amazing collection!
...a great resource for ideas... we'll have a lot of fun converting some of those sweaters into patterns to knit!!!
Thank you!

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Sorry but i haven't been paying attention what is the address of your website thanks Arron

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It's visible on my profile....

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Interesting stuff. I think one of them might have been my sweetie's design (Polo Cowichan sweater from 2000 collection). I know he managed that project, at least.

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I always wondered who designed some of the sweaters for Ralph Lauren. They always have very classic masculine sweaters. But you do have to wonder about some of the designs as they tend to be what I would consider for a very small part of the market. Guys that are very comfortable with themselves or just like whatever Polo makes. I think some can be a little out there, and for the price of some of the cashmere sweaters I wonder who is buying them, let alone how many they must make.