Four down, One to go

Last Friday we had a trip to the New York Hall of Science in Queens. I, fearing traffic and a dull museum, brought my knitting. (still working on the blue socks, but they are coming along nicely, on the toe decreases) I was so engrossed by the museum, and my student’s questions that I did not get a chance to knit until lunch. We sat in a park, the kids played ball I knit. I got some questions from the kids who did not know me, but on the whole it was just me being me (that is to say, out of the ordinary). I knit later on the trip while we were in a park in the Bronx and I realized: except for Staten Island, I have now knit in all the boroughs of New York City. I may have to take the SI ferry just to make it a five by five. Any NYC knitters got all the boroughs?

Today I was sailing again and had my coffee cozy with me. It got some nice compliments; it always seems to.

Have a good rest of the week.

Bronx Knit.