Norwegian soccer players knit for fundraiser

I thought that this might interest you folks. If you go to these sites and can read Norwegian, there's an interesting story.

I don't really speak or read Norwegian, but I think that the jist of the story is that two cities' soccer teams (Brann and Sogndal) are waging a competition to raise money (I don't know for which charity) by seeing whose players can knit more yardage of scarves for fans in their team colors. I assume fans in Norway wear scarves with their team colors. Perhaps the scarves will be auctioned to raise money; I don't know. What is neat is that the national radio and television stations are covering the competition,complete with footage of soccer players knitting. (The articles above should have a link to the video I saw).

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I thought the photos were great but I couldn't figure out how to down-load the video. I went to both links and I kept hitting buttons which appeared to be those needed to play but without success. Does it require a special player?

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