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I've been hearing lots lately about the Knitpicks circular needles kit. It looks pretty nice and I'm wondering what others have to say about it, especially in comparison to the Addi Turbos. I have a huge investment in the Addi Turbos but my objection is that the memory of the coiled cable is too strong and even with the hot water method of relaxing them, they still revert to the coiling. I like the Knitpicks idea of having a goodly selection in a smallish case. The difficulty with their product is that the smallest needle size is the 3.5 mm and lately I am using even smaller sizes. I also understand that the tips are quite sharp and I wonder about that. The bamboo set looks nice but I never use bamboo any more. Anyone care to give their opinions?


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I love the KnitPicks Options needles but I've only used them in size US # 7, 8, 9, and 10. I didn't buy the set. I buy the needles tips I need and I buy a variety of cable lengths: 24", 32" and 40". I actually buy multiple sets of tips in the same size so I can work multiple projects (that use the same needle size) at the same time without changing tips from one project to the next -- I'm to lazy for that! These are the first circulars I've found that I don't have to fight with cable memory. The larger sized tips I use are not too sharp at all, however, I do read on the net that the smaller sized Options needles are very sharp. The Options tips are as slippery as Addi's so at times that's a problem, depending on the yarn you're using. But ... I love, love, love the Options circs.

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one pair I dulled slightly...with a fine emory board.
I love them!!!

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I don't have the Options set, but I do have some of KnitPicks Classic Circulars and also several sets of the smaller diameter DPN's. I love them. The classic ciculars also have the great cable with no memory, and yes, the tips are very sharp. Sharp enough to poke a hole in your fingertip. I haven't bought the Options set, yet, because it's lacking the smaller diameters, but just today I was looking for a size 8 circular needle and the only ones I have are 12".

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Some of the Sydney people I knit with are using them and like them, but the lack of small sizes would stop me from buying them. Tapestry Craft here are selling them for about A$100.

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I bought these beauties too. After trying them out (10.5's) on a felted entrelac bag I knit, from knitpicks, I found them fantastic. Yes, they are pointed, but that only helped when knitting a "lizard ridge" scarf that called for knitting a wrapped stitch around a slipped stitch. I showed them to my Mom and she's got the set now too cause she loved them so much. She's been knitting for hundreds of years. I also found that I could switch tips very easy when changing projects. I love them. I even got the 13, 15, and 17" tips.

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I haven't used the Addi Turbos (I want to get some just to compare, but I haven't gotten around to it yet), but I *adore* my Knit Picks options. I don't even notice the join when I work with them, and the cables are great. They are sharp, which causes problems occasionally but for the most part I prefer the needles that way.

My one complaint is that on a long project, the tips can slowly work their way loose from the cables. After it happened a couple times, I started re-tightening the tips every few thousand stitches, and I haven't run into problems since then.

Now, as for the set, there are a few things worth mentioning. I didn't realize when I ordered that you get two of each cable length, which was a pleasant surprise. The case and pockets that come with the set, though, I'd rate at the "low end of acceptable." It is still a bargain if you are going to get the whole set, but if you don't need everything included, it might be worth considering ordering the parts you need and getting a case elsewhere.

Oh, and one note, for the people that want shorter lengths.... while I would love to have a 16" cable for the set, I can see why they chose not to. The needle tips are long enough that a cable for a total of 16" wouldn't have much flexibility. They did add 16" needles to their classic circulars recently, in all sizes.

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i looooooooooooooooooooooooove my KPOs and will be hard pressed to ever purchase Addis (or other metal needles for that matter) again. I will second (and third and fourth) the sharpness factor. for me, it was so sharp that i had to use band-aids on my pointer fingers for a few times to get adjusted, but once I did, I was thrilled. I prefer sharper needles in general. I'd also like to point out a few troubles I had just so you know. My first cable set broke, the twisty part detached from the cable. This was corrected immediately and happily by KP and if I am not mistaken, it was a problem with their first run of cables, might not even be an issue anymore. On another set, size 10, if it matters, I got a tiny chip in the needle tip of one of them almost like the coating came off. It was annoying enough to me to get them replaced, also done quickly and happily by KP. I am hearing more and more lately about problems with unscrewing. I do have unscrewing, but never enough to bother me. I figure I'm getting an interchangeable set of needles made of the same materials as Addis for a fraction of the price, so it's not a huge deal for me to have to tighten them here and there. Also something else to note is measurements have been done by reviewers on the web that have proven the KP options to be heavier than Addi turbos by some grams, not exactly sure how much. Not an issue for me. I have also heard of people cutting down their cables and re-fashioning to make the shorter lengths. I haven't tried that myself, but something to consider.

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