Two-Color Brioche Hat - Another cry for help

I am so sorry for posting this again, but I think this hat is fantastic and I'd like to try and get some skilled help. It's a brioche two-color hat from week-end knitting. I've checked other sites and blogs and it seems everyone has trouble and/or issues when getting to the Crown rounds. I know there's got to be a logical way to do the decreases so the crown looks symmetrical. Seeing as there is no way to contact the author of the book, or the designer of the hat, is the only way for me to finish this beautiful hat is to figure it out for myself? I don't nkow if I can! Has anyone else ever knitted this hat? Would someone with more skill than I like to try and figure it out? HELP!!!

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I am guessing that you're knitting this hat in the round? From what I can discern, some of the pattern is going to disappera - I'd do a test piece to try to figure out how to do the decreases - using waste yarn and other needles - sometimes decreases don't look right until a few rows later --

you can also put in a "lifeline" and rip back to that point to start over if things dont work out...

another idea would to be to adapt a decrease pattern from another hat and use it on your hat - I hope this helps a little..

lastly, you could go to your LYS and meet up with those folks - maybe there's someone "hands on" there who can help talk you through the pattern?

good luck - let us know what happens!




Impossible without knowing what the decrease recipe is. Please post. Generally, decreases happen with a division of the number of stitches you have PRIOR to your decrease area at the crown. F'rinstance: if you have 100 sts. total at the dome area and you have about 3 inches to go to the final stitch, you might be advised to decrease using a k2tog every 9 sts. or three sts. depending on how high you want your dome. Then, knit the next round. Then, do the same decrease again, knit the next round, etc.

It's pretty standard stuff. Just work out a formula for your hat: Start with WHERE you want to start your decreases: i.e.: from temple to the top of the SIDE of the head is the body of the hat. From THAT POINT is where you will start your decreases. Find that number of stitches. Then, figure out how many rows you will have to knit to terminate the top. Now: count those rows and figure out how many decreases EVERY OTHER ROW you will have to do to end up at that terminus.

Clear as Mud? Email either me or Grandcarriage for further help. He's the MASTER of caps. I'm pretty good, but he's better.

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