Yarn to replace Pashmina

So it's been a long time since I've updated this, oh how busy the school year gets.

My sister is pregnant, and I of course am so excited to start knitting her things. I have a great pattern for a blanket, but it calls for Pashmina, which at (minimum) $15 a skien just isn't in my price range. What would be a good worsted weight substitute? I was thinking Debbie Bliss Baby cashmerino, but I'm not entirely sure what the weight on that is. Any other suggestions?

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Baby cashmerino uses US3 needles, 137 yards per 50gm ball, gauge 25st/4 inches, or check out the Debbie Bliss site.

I personally think this whole Pashmina thing is idiocy. For heaven's sake, it's just goat underbelly and silk. You'd think from reading all the hype that it's produced from some weird animal brought here from outer space and raised by virgin Tibetan virgins in some isolated valley convent. Twaddle.

There are some incredible yarns coming out of Peru these days: Merino, Merino blends with silk but I think the bestest are the Baby Alpaca yarns available. F'rinstance: I'm doing a shawl right now out of 70% baby alpaca/30% tussah silk. What's not to like about that???? 865 yds./20 bucks. Ya can't beat that. That's enough for a nice stole and heaps o' baby duds. (Let me know if you want the label & I'll send it to you.)

Check out knitpicks.com and take a look at what *they* have to offer. Lots of great blends in whatever weight you want and for not much money. NAYYY, just a happy and regular customer.

That's my $0.02. Pashmina . . . . really!

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