Sock One Sock Two

So, I finally finished my first pair of socks tonight. It has been a long slog, but I am happy to say they are done, they fit and it seems they are warm; because warm is what I want in this 80 degree New York weather.

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but I can only say this is a pair of socks only their knitter could love; and love them I do.

Anyway, I got much much better from the start of sock one to the toe of sock two so in interest of having a good to-go project I am rolling into another pair of socks using a "Trekking pro natura" 75% wool 25% bamboo mix in the 1600 color lot. I hope they come out well because it seems that "MotherKnit" will be getting a pair of socks for her birthday or Christmas. The last time I was home she kept touching and admiring a certain sock yarn of mine. Really folks, I CAN take a hint, it just takes a while and some artful work with an anvil.

Going on a field trip tomorrow so I should have plenty of time to work on my bamboo and wool socks.

Have a good day

Knitting in the Bronx.


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Your socks look great! Really like the colours of the yarn you used. I suspect that once the freeze of winter sets in, you'll enjoy the warmth the socks provide.
For me, and for other folks too I suspect, the first pair was the most difficult, and with each successive pair the process eased and became comfortable with the knitting of socks.

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YOu need to learn toe up. Its amazing. I'm doing socks this year, and started cuff down. Then I learned the magic cast on, I think its somewhere on and its amazing! then with toe up, you can measure it to your foot as you knit, and then if you're running low on yarn, you can bind off at the cuff and stop whenever you want. Plus, I had trouble with my bind off cuff being too tight, so I found the tubular bind off, and again, its heavenly! See if you can find those for your next pair! I think toe up is the only way I'll go from now on.

RK in OK

Those are nice socks! There sure isn't anything like wool socks in the summer, eh? Although that clog suspicously covers up the details, they are looking a lot sharper than my first pair of socks.

Please let us know how the pro natura works up. I'm a big fan of the Trekking XXL, so I bought a skein of the pro natura (in the 1600 even) this spring, but haven't had a chance to work with it yet.

Good knitting,

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I was on field day (all the eigth graders on one trip) today and managed to get my 2" cuff done on the bus. I LOVE the Pro Natura, it almost has a linnen feel over the finger, but no "crease cuts" to date. The colors are coming out brighter than on the skein, and it looks fantastic. I can only recomend this yarn,


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After claiming for months that I wasn't interested in learning to knit socks, there came a day when I figured, what the hell, I'll try it. Now I'm going thru a bit of a sock addiction right now. I've done several pairs, and I've got plans for more. I'm currently working on the mate to my Trekking XXL sock. I found that one skein will not make a pair of socks that will fit my feet. But I will have enough left over from the two skeins to make a smaller pair for a gift!

Sock on brother!!!