Out of Place

I visited sweeties LYS today. She was sailing and I was left to my own devices at her apartment so after lunch I took a walk to Knit 321 to see if there was anything that I could surprise her with. As a man I am often seen as an oddity if not an interloper in many yarn stores. I let it all roll off my back today as I was questioned on "now do you mean knit or crochet? and what sort of projects is your friend working on?"; once I identified myself as a knitter and showed the sales associate a sample of work (always handy to have my coffee cozy around) I was invited to "the table".

For the next two hours I sat and knit and discussed the matters of the day with a steady stream of interesting knitters. I was the only guy, but since I was a knitter it seemed not to matter. The owner of the store was funny when she mentioned that I was knitting a sock on 4 DPN and to the average citizen it must look like witchcraft, especially when done by a male. I took this to mean I should start in on some Harry Potter related projects; Witchcraft indeed more like Wizarding if you ask me.

I enjoy visiting LYS's and am now going to go to more, if only to sit and knit.

Happy weekend, Go Sawx