WIP two

So now I have two WIP's. I am working on my socks out of Trekking Pro Natura (with bamboo) AND I started the golf vest from "Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men" (good book, recommended) in a lovely bottle green from Ausi Wool. I am working on size 17 needles and Dayum is this thing growing quickly. The vest is my "couch" project while the socks are my "to-go" project; although if I switch to a circular needle for the vest I suppose it too could graduate to the "to-go" pile.

Thursday I had a Professional Development day at the American Museum of Natural History. I brought my sock and knit during the "Genetics and evolution" symposium (which I loved, but I was among the few on that one) and during lunch. The funny part of the story starts Wednesday evening when I met sweetie at her LYS. I had showed up earlier than she, and was fondly remembered by the owner who insisted on introducing me to every knitter in the place, as well as anybody who came in. When sweetie came in she found me deep in conversation with the owner of the store and two patrons; we were all sitting around the table knitting and talking about the Hamptons, the current conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, and other interesting topics of conversation. Sweetie has been joking for the past few days that they like me more than her at all the yarn stores we go to, and it did not help any that the owner saw her as an extension of me, rather than the way us dudes are usually seen in yarn stores, a large bag of bones there to support, physically and financially, our SO's yarn purchases. It is not true, but it is funny that one owner here in NYC asks sweetie (who has been going to the store for years) how I am doing after I have been in the store no more than 5 times. I guess it is good to be a rare thing; a man who knits.

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Knitting in the Bronx


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I'm knitting on a project that is 50% Bamboo and loving it. Isn't it amazing.


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I've also noticed that folks tend to remember us guys as we aren't as common in knitting circles as the ladies.

That vest sounds interesting.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Cripes. I have that book somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it in over two years. It is nice, and it irritates the hell out of me that it's gone missing for so long.

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