Hi everyone,
Kiwi James here. Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hello to the group. I'm a 36 year old avid knitter living in Greytown, New Zealand.

Some of you may have come across my blog Fibre Alive at some stage. This morning I appeared on National television to help promote the knitters weekend which is being held in Lower Hutt this weekend. If you want to check out the clip you can go to and type in the key words good morning which will take you to the homepage of the show. From there you need to click on the tab 'watch the show' It will be available until 9am NZ time tomorrow morning (12/06/07).

It's great to be a part of the online community of men who knit!


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Well, it's 2 hours 59 minutes and 22 seconds long. What time section are you on?

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Welcome, fellow Kiwi! It's great to have another NZ'er on board, even if you are on the north island! I admire your knitting on your blog. See you in a couple of days in Wellington!

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