new Kilt socks

just finished another pair of Kilt socks...although I'm planning to wear them with corduroy breeks...

two strands of heathered green, one multi-dyed greens.

...have another pair started in green/tan.


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Hi Bill, yours socks look great.What was the brand and weight of the alpaca you used?

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Blue Sky alpaca Melange...suggested 5-6st-inch on 3-5 needles.

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Bill, the socks look wonderful!

In addition to the information requested earlier, what size needles did you use and where is the pattern located?


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I used Blue Sky alpaca...double strand on #8 needles.
The pattern is my own...adapted by trial & error for each new yarn combo...from the basic Ann Norling sock pattern.
This sock is 60 stitches cast on...then decrease center back as you knit down.

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I'm working on a heavier pair in one strand Nashua worsted 75%wool/25% alpaca..and one strand Blue Sky alpaca...this pair is on #9 needles...68 stitches cast on.
...I'll post a pic later...
they're a tan/rust combo to go with some Scottish wool plaid breeks.

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those look great. I am hoping to knit my own Kilt Hose someday. I will keep you as an inspiration.

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I always admire your work. Now, when do we get to see a photo of you modeling them dressed in your kilt??

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you make me feel guilty I haven't done more on the pair I'm working on. Your's look great!

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Love the Socks!

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Great looking socks! I'm always jealous of people who make nice socks, I just don't seem to have the patience for them...

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You're my new hero!! I have to make these next. I love making socks. I'm working on two pair at the moment, but not the nice burly ones like these. Does the Ann Norling pattern call for the same wool you used? If not, how many skeins did you use?


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the Ann Norling pattern is a basic sock pattern...but written with charts for multiple guages.

...depending on the yarn...I buy eight skeins fot kilt socks.
most of my kilt socks cost about $100. in yarn.