Cabled Sweater Vest

So far, so...mediocre. LOL It told me to cast on some stitches at the beginning of two rows, and since I had no clue how to cast on when you've already got the yarn on the other needle, I just tried to M1s in a row. I'm pretty sure that's not the same thing given the completely different look it has than the picture in the book. Heh. The cable pattern on this sweater is exceedingly confusing, too, and I have jacked up in a couple of spots there, as well, but I started this sweater vest as more of a tester and not so much a be-all, end-all of sweater vests for dogs.

Despite its mis-shapenness and the lopsided nature of my increases (I think I stopped one row too early), I'm proud of it thus far if for no other reason than I'm venturing an attempt at something that has seemed very daunting until now. Actually, it still feels daunting, but less so. Heh. I'll post pics when I finish!


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To cast on at the beginning of the row, knit the first stitch and return it to the left needle.

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Oh!!! that's a fun trick! I'll do that on the next one. :-) Thanx!!!!!

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You could try reading a little bit ahead of the pattern and casting on at the END of the previous row, thus starting with the correct number of stitches for that row.