Argyle patterns?

Does anyone know of any good argyle patterns....traditional argyle. i found some pretty modern looking patterns but i am looking for a traditional looking one for a sweater vest. robably about 4-5 colors.....thanks in advance....:)


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Funny that but I'm looking for the same thing! I hope someone has a recommendation for us!

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You will just have to do your own pattern. Very simple. Find a pattern of a plain knit sweater that will fit you, and do it in argyle!

Well, okay, you will have to chart out your diamonds, inserting the colours in an arrangement that YOU like. And then just knit away!

Look at this:

You know of course that you will have to knit this one flat, since you have to knit back and forth to get these diamonds for take shape. There will be a few ends on the inside to hide, but I find if you do it as you go, it's not so much work afterwards.