Well sports fans it has happened:

I am now partially my mother. I am watching the Red Sox and knitting, all it would take to complete the picture would be a cup of tea, a slight accent and about 100 pounds shed; well maybe 120 and years and years of knitting experience.

So my couch project is coming along well. I am almost (within 2 inches) of shaping the neck. I am unsure whether to "go for it" and just follow the pattern to see what happens or take it into a LYS to make sure I am doing things correctly. Quandary Quandary.

Back to the first paragraph; it seems to me that baseball and knitting seem uniquely suited for each other. The pace of the game allows a novice knitter (me) to look down, read a pattern, make a note or honk at my yarn in the goose-like style without missing something REALLY important. I am beginning to see the benefits of a "Stitch and Pitch". I wonder if there are any more in the NY area.

I am posting an indifferent pic of my vest back. I was having issues with my camera and the lighting, Mea Culpa. I modified the pattern slightly in that I wanted the cables to "spin" in opposite directions. The original pattern has all the cables going in the same direction, but I knew that it was an easy fix so I went for it; it seems to make the project more personal to me.

Um Er GO SAWX and have a good week Y'all

Knitting in the Bronx


What a coincidence! I was knitting watching the Braves get whomped by the Sox today too. (um... go Braves! :-) I'm a big baseball fan and I love knitting while watching a game. You're right... the pace is just right. I don't know if I'd actually go to a Stitch & Pitch thing... I think the zen will be off. But I can see the appeal. Too bad the Bravos don't play better when I'm knitting cause I seem to knit better when I'm working on something during a game. heh

Good luck on the vest!


I shall call him Blog

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Looking good! I like the colour and the size of the cables. No baseball here but lots of rugby and soccer. I rarely watch either but I guess I could knit during a soccer game (if I could take my gaze off the players...) I'm sure your mum would agree that there's nothing like a good cuppa while knitting! And, BTW, I really enjoy your blogs!

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