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Greetings from down under fellas! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for Blocking boards i found a great board at but when i enquired about shipping costs to Australia it came in at just below $200 USD. Do you guys know any other products that could be shipped cheaper or made here in Australia. perhaps you have a board that i can make???? look forward to hearing from you.
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Is there any chance you could find that same board at a store in Australia? Perhaps if you were'nt picking up overseas shipping it wouldn't be so bad. Sorry if that's not a viable suggestion--I don't know the state of knitting shops in Australia. I know, too, there are those who have made their own blocking boards. I wouldn't be that daring, but you might be. :-)

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out on other lists many of the knitters talk about the interlocking foam squares they use; made for children's play areas I believe.

check out toy stores.

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it's not hard to make a blocking board - I know that Ohio Table Pad Company makes a fantastic blocking board (it's the one I have) but I don't know how they are distributed abroad... if you wanted to buy one and send it to my house, I'd be glad to ship it to you in Australia - if it's cheaper that way... I paid $50 in shipping alone just to get my board to me though, so it might just be expensive no matter what...

let me know if you need any help from someone in the US - I'm glad to assist in the export of yarn and goodies!



To make your own, go here:

This gal made her own and gives pretty good instructions. They start about a third of the way down the page.

I searched all of the online shops available on AU and surrounding islands and came up with zilch. Obviously, someone HAS to be selling them, but this DIY project is the way I'd go. Should be doable for around US$20.00 + sweat equity - ALWAYS a plus! =^D BTW: this gal's in your neck of the woods, I think.

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I have found that our queen size bed with a fan trained on it works quite well. Interlocking foam blocks, of a sort used for floor covering in children's play rooms, have been suggested and used by some folks in the blogosphere, but for me it's more a matter of just having the horizontal space to set something out where the cats can't walk all over it.

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A friend of mine uses her yoga mat, I use a large beach towel on the carpet.