a bit of lace for my mom

My first lace project completed.

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Beautiful job, Fred. I bet your mom's gonna love it!!

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Great job. What's the pattern? Do you have a picture of the whole thing? Is it a scarf or a shawl or....?

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You lace knitters do incredible work! That is beautiful! I haven't the brain power to do a garment with that kind of detail.

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I am very envious...........what a beautiful work of lace and what a priviledged (and proud) mom!

I'm working on my first lace-type shawl and must be very dedicated and highly concentrated on the work. I'm not sure it will be a direction I will be heading in very often!

Please share a photo of the entire piece with us!


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Beautiful lace Fred. What is the yarn and pattern?

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How did you take such a great photo? I have a heck of a time getting photos of my lace work. Did you block this work before taking the photo? If so, how did you block it? And on what?

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the camera did most of the work. i just zoomed in and focused. because the yarn was a dark color, i placed it on a light background which shows the lace patterning very well.

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I am so envious! Lucky mom.

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that's your *first* lace project! it looks fantastic! What yarn and needle size? and yes, what pattern?

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Nice job.

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You're a natural Fred! That is a really wonderful piece of work. I would add my name to the list of those who would like to know the pattern and the yarn. Great colour too!!