Periwinkle and her new cabled sweater vest

This is my one-year-old (almost) Chihuahua in her new blue, cabled sweater vest. It's a pattern from out of "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them." I haven't put on the velcro on the straps (they were safety pinned on in this picture), nor have I blocked it yet. But I learned TONS during this project, including how to CO at the beginning of a row, how to pick up & knit, and how to read ALL THE WAY THROUGH a pattern before blindly jumping in. Ha! She seemed freaked out by this sweater (she normally LOVES her clothes), but I think it's because it's a bit bigger and thicker than most of her other store-bought (read, "Cheap") clothes. I tried to take some larger pictures to show better detail on the cabling, but they didn't turn out.

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Bill's picture

That's wonderful...hope it becomes her favorite...

kiwiknitter's picture

She looks lovely in her stylish new gear!

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SKHolt's picture

What a great dog name...periwinkle....and she looks right sporty in her new attire.

MMario's picture

She canna be too freek'd by her new clothes or you would never have been able to get the picture. Love the collar.

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rjcb3's picture

A Chihuahua sporting a wicked nice Aran design...

I LOVE the cables.

Good job.


Aaronknits's picture

Awwww!!! Both dog and sweater are absolutely adorable! Great job!