About the shawl

wow! thanks for the great comments!

here's a photo of the entire piece as some of you requested.

the shawl:
Pattern: Swallowtail by Evelyn A. Clark (Interweave Knits Fall '06 ).
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (4 skeins)
Color: Plum
Needles: size 8 circul

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Beautiful! what are the finished dimensions? (I wonder because some people have said it is really a shawlette rather then a full sized shawl.)

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the pattern calls for lace weight yarn and does make a shawlette. since this was my first attempt at lace, i went for something closer to fingering weight. the result was a moderate sized shawl.

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That's lovely!

nigra sum sed formosa

nigra sum sed formosa
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Is it my imagination or is there no photo? Did it disappear?