*sigh* I must say I am disappointed. So much hoopla and people so excited. But I doubt I will spend much time there.

first and foremost the site is so slow to load (noticable at work over a T3 line - excruciateingly painful at home over dial-up)

I have no access to Flickr (not by choice) so have no way to load photos at Ravelry.

The site is very counter-intuitive to my mind. This is most likely my fault, I know that features I hate on some sites are the reason others like the site.

To me the place reeks of clique-ishness and MySpace/YouTube mentality"

So many up-to-the=second bells and whistles are in use and included that people without access to such (for example: those of us rural dwellers who have no choice but to use 24k* connections because there is nothing else available) are handicapped severely. aut0omaticly creating a "second class" citizenship

So I guess the not so fancy mainly text forums will remain my mainstay.

* on a good day - connection is often slower.


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I'm sad that you can't enjoy ravelry - have you tried looking into sattelite internet? it might make your connection faster - in this day and age, I can't image going "back" in time with regard to internet and dealing with dial up again - when I was living with my parents out in the countryside of Tennessee, I remember dial up and it's slowness actually kept me off the net.... and that was before the onset of all the photos and neat videos, etc. that exist

I'm not sure why you have no access to flickr - it's a yahoo program - you just go there and sign up - unless there's some other issue that I don't know about...

anyway, I don't think it'll replace menwhoknit for me - so either way I'll get to see MMario's knitting - which is one of the current delights in my life - aah to knit lace... all in good time, I suppose :)




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can't get a good signal for satellite
(we looked into it - hoping )

and despite being only 300 yards from their tower the local wireless guys can't get a signal on our property either. both neighbors get fine signal.

Every Cell phone carrier we know of drops out on our property as well. (Which is kinda nice to tell the truth)

I can't get a good enough connection to flickr to even sign up. times out every time.

One of the "mystery" groups starts a new yahoo-group for each pattern - drives me nuts because it takes me about 2 hours to sign up for a new yahoo group between the slow speed and the errors/timeouts.

I know I have some unique problems (shut up! and stop laughing!) but sometimes it feels good to whinge vent.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I looked at this a while ago, and for me Mario could not have put it better.

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What is with "Sort by happiness?"

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Frank and I have been discussing lots of plans for MWK to step up the level of professionalism on the site and offer you guys more functionality and services, while simplifying the interface.

I'm really looking forward to pitching some ideas to the community and getting everyone's feedback on what's good, what's not, and how to make everything better.

Stay tuned!

Hey there, It's Casey from Ravelry.

Yeah - some pages are slow in Internet Explorer and we still have to spend more time improving things for IE users. Also, there will be photo options other than Flickr when we launch.

I'm afraid that some of your other complaints will not disappear after the beta. I'm sorry to hear that you think that the place "reeks of clique-ishness". The main focus is organizational tools, libraries of patterns/yarns, and just people showing off their projects so I'm a little confused. Maybe you are referring to the forums? (Which don't seen clique-y to me - adding 150 complete strangers a day seems to be doing good things for the community)

As for the speed - the site is photo heavy, so I'm sure that it is not an enjoyable experience for people with really slow connections. Also, if you aren't just talking about data transfer time (which should be good - all pages are gzip compressed, yadda yadda) then it might just be the IE thing that I mentioned above. I'd be interesting in hearing if you have better luck with Firefox.

There are many different aspects to the site and I'm surprised that none of the features seem useful to you. It's not just an organizational tool and it's certainly not a forum. No pressure though - you certainly don't have to like it. It's just a bummer to hear that you are unhappy.


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Casey - nothing personal believe me!
Your site represents enourmous amounts of thought, labour, inititive and energy.

The bit re: other photo options is fantastic.

the "clique-ishness" that struck me is that the site effects me as being geared to the "hey! me too! Lookee me! I'm cool" personality even though I am aware this is not your intent. This is my personal opinion and it may very well not strike others that way. You have to take into consideration that I am a man in my sixth decade who was raised in a rural New England village by Old World style parents.

*grin* "rural" "New England" "Old World" all have their seperate hang-ups and foibles without even getting into what age can mean regarding tastes.

I will admit that I personally am much more a text and keyboard person. I am icon challenged. I know from experience that what draws me to sites is not normally what attracts others.

Regarding the forums - since I know that there were several thousand people invited prior to my invite...I really expected to see a lot more *there* beta or no beta. what was there added to my feeling of pop/glamour appeal.

And this is an initial impression - remember. I certainly don't intend on going around dissin' Ravelry.

And while I hate to admit it, or condone it as a general business practice; there is much to be said for pitching to the most common denominator; to be *as* inclusive as possible. Ie: create the site to work with the LEAST favourable browser and connection rather then the most. Be the site that people rely on to *work* whther they are in the sticks or in the city; whether they are on their brand new micro-laptop or their grandparents web-tv.


MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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ARG! It takes plain text entries and applies auto-changes to them . I'm sorry - I want what I type to appear as I type it. I do not want a script changing my input to what someone else thinks it should be.

Mario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I've read through all of this dailogue and have absolutely no idea what is going on!? I do know that I'm not on dialup, have a very fast computer connection, etc. but, I can't even figure out how to load a photo on this site! I don't know how I would manage this site if it became even more sophisticated and "professional"!?!?