Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit???

I'm about to buy my first circular needles, and perusing the shop nearby, I was a bit intimidated by the sheer number of different LENGTHS on top of the different sizes! I approached the lady that runs/owns the shop and she recommended Addi over other brands, but suggested that if I haven't bought any circulars yet, I should really consider buying this Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit. I thought it was an Addi thing, but in my web searching, I found the exact kit, and it says it's Denise (never heard of it).

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else has tried this interchangeable circular needle kit. If so, is it sufficient, or should I just get the Addi needles? Any other recommendations/suggestions???

Thanx, guys!

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Adddi circulars are great to knit with, I use them consistently......but I am considering purchasing the interchangeable needles from Knit Picks at I've heard very favorable comments about their ease and accuracy.


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I love my Addi Turbos! However, all the different gauges and lengths could get a bet expensive. I have not tried the Knit Picks (yet). I have bought 2 sets of the Denise needles. (one for myself, one for mom). I like the flexibility of them. Also they're very lightweight so my hands don't get tired. The joins are nice and smooth. One thing that is a definate 'pro' for me but might be a 'con' to others is the fact that they are fairly pointy. You kinda have to be careful not to split your yarn. I think I paid 55.00 for my last set of Denise needles (the blue set). I think the pink set is more but the extra goes to a breast cancer charity. 55.00 is pretty good for the amt of needles and cables you get.

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I don't like the fastening on the Denise needles...( my daughter has them...)
but I have had the KnitPicks set since it came out...and LOVE them!!!!!
,,,they feel very much like the Addi's...which I've used for years...but less expensive...and very practical...

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i prefer knitting with bamboo, so when i do use circulars, i prefer the Addi Natura or KA (Kinki Amibari) both are bamboo circulars. i personally don't like to knit with metal needles.

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I use the Options set from KnitPicks, almost exclusively. I have 5 or 6 sets of Addi Turbos, but they just don't compare to the Options set. The joins on the Options set are smoother, the needle barrels are nicer, the tips are pointier and the cables don't have any memory to them. They're a few dollars more than the Denise set or the Boye set, but they're honestly better than either of them.

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I love my Denise set, although I was very close to getting the Knit Picks set.

I read a lot of things online about the Knit Picks ones being very sharp, making it easy to split the yarn. The Denise tips aren't too sharp and I've never split the fiber with them. The needles warm up nicely, too.

Denise also includes a great, hard-sided case that's about the size a book which keeps everything secure, neat, and tidy.

I think If you're an Addi Turbo or other metal fan, the Knit Picks would probably be more up your alley. Wood/synthethics users would probably like the Denise set more.

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I think it all depends on how many projects you have going - I have a large selection of bamboo circulars (it's what I started with) and I have added some metal addi turbos, as well as some handmade glass circulars... I keep my needles grouped with projects (I have around 10 going) so if I were to have the interchangeable sets I don't know how I'd keep them all going without buying more wires - and caps... and other things... it's a great idea for a one or two project person, but for those of you like me, I think having a large amount of supplies (I also just buy as I need them) makes knitting as decadent as possible....

I got a set of interchangeables once - and they're nice - but I must admit I didn't even want to try them -

in the end, it's whatever is most comfortable for you - if you have never used circulars before, I'd suggest buying one set of bamboo circs just to see if you even like working with them - some folks swear by straight needles for lots of things - and you can always use an extra set if you decide to buy interchangeable ones...

lastly, I don't know if you travel, but I always use bamboo circs on the plane - I can't drop my 2nd needle (they're attached) AND I don't have to worry about airport security confiscating my needles because they're metal and a "weapon"....




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KnitPicks Options Circular Needles

I definitely recommend KnitPicks Options circular needles (that screw onto a cable). You don't need to buy their whole kit. Just buy the sized needles that you usually use when you're knitting with (dare I say) straight needles.

They're wonderful and much cheaper than Addi's. Some people don't like KnitPicks small sized needles like #1's, 2's, 3's etc. The smallest I've bought are #7's. And I love, love, love them.

KnitPicks Options Circular Needles

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Since I bought my set of Options I haven't used anything else. I bought the kit (set) as it's more economical in the long run. Their customer service is top notch. I received two pairs of 10.5 needles and no 10s and one cable had a burr in the threads. They told me to just keep the extra 10.5s and mailed me a pair of 10s as well as two cables to replace the one that was faulty.

Very nice people to do business with.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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i also prefer the KP Options and sold my Denise set on Ebay in favor of them. It is largely a matter of personal preference, as others mentioned. I did not like the material of the Denise's and found them to not be sharp enough. If you fancy Bamboo, Plymouth also has a "sister set" of bamboo interchangeable, but far more expensive than either Denise or the KPs. I will never stray from my KP Options though, I absolutely love them, and another nice feature, like someone else mentioned, is you can buy the set piecemeal, which I have done, and also avoided having 4 size 9 circulars that way too. ;)

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I'm another die-hard Denise fan. I have Denise, KP Options, and Boye Needlemaster, and I always prefer using my Denise set. Go figure. I expected to like the Options better since they get such rave reviews, but I didn't like how slippery they are. Some people march to the beat of a different drummer, and some people polka...