Computer Case

After all that trouble with cabling, the case ended up being too big! So here is the case and the cabling, I will be adding a compartmentalized liner later.


Darrel's picture

What a fun idea! I love it :)

Intarsia Apple logos anyone?

YugiDean's picture

haha! Brilliant idea!

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Great job. The cables look great.

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You've done a great job i have the book "knitting with balls" and i used the cable pattern on another project and i have to say that i think it is a difficult cable to work. although it is too big for your laptop perhaps you can give it as a gift for someone else who has a larger computer. Dont be discouraged get back on those needles.

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Maybe you just need a bigger laptop? Either way, it's a gorgeous piece of work and you should be proud of it.

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Great Job, your cables are beautifully cabled!